Bai Ruttonbai F D Panday Girls' High School


Bai Ruttonbai F D Panday Girls High School

Rooftop Solar Electrification

The Rooftop Solar Electrification Project was an initiative of IndusInd Bank Ltd under their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) scheme. The school on Solar Programme was a joint venture of the CERE (Centre for Environment Research and Education). The installation of the Rooftop Solar Electrification was carried out by Avesta Solar.
This Project was inaugurated on 19th June 2019 by Mr. Adwait Hebbar- Head-Corporate Service and CSR, IndusInd Bank.

The Solar Project installation reduces the energy usage from the grid thus helping the school to funnel its saving from the solar installation into improving the quality of education and in getting more resources within the school.

The CERE shall be also conducting awareness programmes and workshops for the students and teachers to update them on the use of renewable energy in a productive manner and the benefits of a better cleaner environment.

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