Bai Ruttonbai F D Panday Girls' High School


Bai Ruttonbai F D Panday Girls High School

Our Trustees



The Trustees, Members of the Governing Body of the Garib Zarthostiona
Rehethan Fund, Principal, Head Mistress, Staff and students of the Bai RFD
Panday Pre-Primary School and Bai RFD Panday Girls’ High School place on
record their deep sense of sorrow and grief at the sudden passing away of
Mr Muncherji N M Cama on 3 rd July 2021. He had rendered yeoman service
as President, Honorary Secretary and Trustee of the School for many years.

Under his stewardship the schools had made rapid progress. His unique style
of leadership, philanthropy and generosity steered the activities of the
school to meet the challenges of changing times.
His affable nature and sense of justice and fairness and dedication will be
sorely missed by one and all.

Mr. Kersi J. Treasurywalla
Trustee & Honorary Secretary
Dr. Villy N. Cama
Managing Committee Member
Mr. Furrokh Jijina
Managing Committee Member
Mr. Adil. J. Wadia
Managing Committee Member
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